Hydrogen Fuel Quality for Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hydrogen Fuel Quality by SAE J2719

Published Paper "Recommended Pre-Operation Cleanup Procedures For Hydrogen Fueling Station" on International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Author and Technical Contact for 

ASTM D7650 (Sampling of Particulate in Hydrogen Fuel at Nozzle)

ASTM D7606 (Sampling of Gaseous Hydrogen at Nozzle) 

ASTM D7652 (Analysis of H2S, COS, CH3SH & CS2 at 0.02 ppbv in H2 ) 

ASTM D7649 (Analysis of CO2, Ar, N2, O2 and H2O at 5 ppmv or lower in Hydrogen by Jet Pulse Injection/GC/MS)

ASTM D7651 (Concentration Measurement of Particulate in Hydrogen Fuel)  

ASTM D7634 (Size Measurement of Particulate in Hydrogen Fuel)

ASTM D7892 (Determination of Total Organic Halides, Total Non-Methane Hydrocarbons and Formaldehyde in Hydrogen Fuel by Gas Chromatography (GC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS)



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